CITADEL – Art Walks into The Future

CITADEL will open on Friday 29 August!

Using a touch-screen tablet, a roving handheld speaker, walk through Hurstville’s bustling city centre with a small group of friends to experience the world around you with fresh eyes.  CITADEL is a mixed-reality walking tour produced by innovative youth arts company Shopfront, in which each audience member can inhabit the City through the eyes of the next generation, this August 29-31 and September 5-7.

Filled with the hopes and fears we all carry with us, this 45 minute interactive walking tour re-imagines Hurstville’s city centre as a global mini-city in which video, exquisite music and live performance play out. It has been created by 100 young people from Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre, Kogarah High School, Menai High School, Woniora Road School and an ensemble of young people at Shopfront. Glimpse young people’s visions for the future, hear their voices and on occasion, sit down for tea with a stranger. Meet City Guardians, both mythic and contemporary, who will greet you and help you on your way as you travel deeper into the Citadel, guided by the map and trail of visual and audio clues.

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